Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fuck Your Computer


Fuck all your electric eccentricities,
Virtual humanities,
And secret online cocktease.

Go fuck your computer and ask if it will hold you afterwards.

Wonder if it will feel jealous while you are on holiday,
And fuck the television while you are away.

Conspired through these wires,
With a satellite choir;
It's a dire seminal connection.
An unexpected injection.

The cyber-syphilitic critic
Prates faceless editorial,
Another incorporeal hack
On file with everyone else.


Do you hear the marching of the automatons?
Their twisted piston beats like a great war drum.

They come to no semblance of resistance as you're
Up-loaded, down-graded, sedated and mutated.

The half-man android has a hole the size of a soul
Where he's been fitted with pedantic mechanics.

And where his brain had been is a gray stain
And a CPU. And where his dick was there is a
Three pronged cord.

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