Wednesday, March 1, 2006


She's batting her eyes,
To my surprise,
And as I feel the tension rise
I surmise:
The gamble is worth the prize.

I didn't plan this tonight.
I might,
Because I know how to do it right.
And those thighs,
The gamble is worth my pride.

Do I have something to feign
For this game?
Though my tongue is feeling lame,
The same,
The gamble is worth my pain.

With her glare still fixed on me
Like I was the object of myown jealousy.
So weep,
The gamble is my disease.

Sunday, January 1, 2006


Lost in the land
Of sky and sand;
Lazy and hungry and
Just now ready to see.

Lost in reality
With an hours sleep
And I'm neck deep
Trying to deny.

Lost in reprise
And never thought twice
But at least it's been nice
just to be lost.