Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange Pumas

As I become intoxicated,
I saunter aloft upon thin air
towards heaven.
Floating high upon the clouds,
I can see the world more clearly.

In slumber I fall.

And as I awaken in hell,
peering up from the abyss,
the world above no longer seems real.

It is a long way to ascend.
As I return to cognizant
reality, and observe the
prisoners of purgatory,
I hasten back to hell.
That I may glimpse
heaven en route.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Are the Orphans of the Dying King

At dusk
we emerge.
At dusk
as the fat man
dressed in sharkskin
ascends the tallest tower of this city
as if
to escape from an ocean rising from depths and obscurity to drown the streets,
then we emerge. In surging currents.
Too dark for sight,
we navigate the night by neon light.
Disturbing the placid shadows
on shadows: we are invisible.
Spinning artificial
faceless grins
that shine at a distance.
We are the soft-eyed creatures that cavort in boisterous hordes,
worshiping the moon,
for soon the sun
will run off all our abstractions;
making us real again.
We burn the house in pieces when its cold, and every day it seems a little colder.
We grow our teeth long and wear great masks painted in the colors of indifference.
We answer to any name,
we do not deign to keep one.
We are ambiguous,
We are shadows saturated with bawdy singing.
We are the orphans of the dying king.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So there's this guy...
and he has this disorder of the palms
-- what with he sweats profusely --
and it stinks, odorously.
So he's got to wear this hand antiperspirant
and deodorant.
And it's always wiping off
so he's constantly reapplying the shit.
He goes to pick things up and they fall
through his slippery fingers.
And he goes to lean on a wall
and he slips
and he falls.
He can't catch footballs.
And when he jacks-off its fantastic!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Pigeon

Winged little tramp
scampering around the streets on three toes
or flying tiny distances;
always singing to the next bird.

You're filthy
and your neck seems
to sheen with the
multi-hued gleam of oil
in sunlight.
And it looks as if
your feathers
have all been
And your lips are
all black
from eating garbage.
Yet you hold your chin high
bobbing your head
in arrogance,
the proudest beggar
I have ever seen.

Fly home to your vagabond's
roost. Gawking down on the city,
perched like the hawk.
If I saw people from
that vantage point
I would also be
and dirty.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Prose Fry

I couldn't believe it was real.
When first all my little hairs on
my arms
and legs
and self
started dancing.
Grabbing eachother
and pushing away,
making my skin boil red and speckled
flesh. In turn exciting my veins to go
writhing and vining with me.
Never entangling
but occasionally rubbing;
all slithering into the trunk of me where the
color dye of my shirt appears to have bled
onto my skin.

"Would you look for chrissakes my
chest is all fucking plaid!"

My friend says, "Its just bad medicine.
You are very sick. Go lay down."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

St George

O, uncle Georgie,
What's a lizard to do?
A spear in the belly.
O, uncle Georgie,
All of God's mercy
Can't save me too.
O, uncle Georgie
What's a lizard to do?

Friday, February 29, 2008


It’s raining outside,
but the sun seems brighter
through the window,
in a dark room.
I could see the perfect silhouette of her until she turned away, pulling the quilt. As we sit there, both of us smoking, glancing out the window and at eachother, she says, “Tell me how you love me.”
So I stooped my head towards her and she moved to turn from me a second time. In earnest, I was answering; I held her shoulders and kissed a blemish grown out of her breast.
She didn’t understand. The gesture tenderly rejecting her pretense of modesty and diffidence. She frowned at me, as she did I could imagine her thinking: he is so full of shit.
I wish she had said so.
I would have known, right then, she wasn’t for me.