Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cast Ominous Shadows

After the long day, as the sun sets over the far bayside industrial park, skyscrapers
Cast ominous shadows
Upon the near houses, as night arrives, ending scrutiny.

Night alight on a tumult. Let the towers cower as the streets are reclaimed by those who now
Cast ominous shadows
That measure thirty-feet long in the low, dim, twilight lamp.

And every countryman,
From all the matchbox houses,
From every tenement,
And compartment,
They all came tonight.

And the street was complete with charred bureaucrats and
The blood of swine.

And the sunlight, on red morning, glistening crimson freedom. As those standing, self-liberated
Cast ominous shadows
Gazing at eachother; remembering what this new day had cost.

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